Are there charges if I sign up at Goldruncasino Affiliates?

Signing up at Goldruncasino Affiliates is free, there are no hidden costs.

What is an affiliate program?

Affiliate marketing is a form of Internet marketing in which the casino rewards their partners (affiliates) for the deposits generated through their traffic. Affiliates can direct their traffic by placing the casino’s banner(s) on their website(s). All depositing players that are directed to Goldruncasino through clicking the banner, will be connected to the relevant affiliate. The affiliate will receive a percentage of the income that is generated by the re-directed players.

Why should I become an affiliate for Goldruncasino?

By promoting Goldruncasino you can earn money by simply placing banner-ads.

What is Goldruncasino Affiliates?

Goldruncasino Affiliates is the affiliate program of Goldruncasino. If you sign up to our affiliate program, you become a partner of Goldruncasino.

How do I sign up as an affiliate at Goldruncasino Affiliates?

By completing the registration, you can register yourself as an affiliate of Goldruncasino. If you do this you will get a confirmation email. Once the affiliate manager has reviewed and approved your account, you can begin to promote.

The statistics and figures, how often are they updated?

All data will be updated hourly.

Is it possible to register multiple websites to my account?

You can use the banner-ads for multiple sites. Just mention the different sites upon registration separated by a comma.

How much do I get paid for referring players?

On the Goldruncasino Affiliate page, under ‘commissions’, the percentages are listed that Goldruncasino gives to its affiliates in conjunction with the net income their players make. In addition, there is always room to make your affiliate agreement tailored. Just ask your affiliate manager.

Does Goldruncasino charge any fees on my earnings?

Goldruncasino charges a 20% fee for the games. These charges are for development and maintenance of the games. These costs are calculated on your gross income.

When do I get paid?

Goldruncasino pays out every fifth working day of the month, so the income of e.g. January will be paid on the fifth working day of February.

Is there a minimum amount that Goldruncasino pays out?

The minimum payout is € 100-. If the amount you earned is less than that, it will remain on your account until the amount of € 100,- is reached in the next month(s).

What happens if at the end of the month my earnings show negative?

Goldruncasino has no "negative carry over" so if at the end of the month your account is negative, you just start the next month at zero.

Can I get special promotional material (banners) if I want to?

If you have any specific wishes for banners, please discuss the options with your affiliate manager. He will make an inventory and will try to realize it.

How can I reach Goldruncasino for questions and comments?

You can always reach us via [email protected]. You will always be answered within 24 hours.